Philipp Stahl
Graduated psychologist and coach in Berlin

I’m Philipp Stahl, graduate psychologist, psychotherapist and coach in Berlin-Mitte. With heart and passion I have been helping people in situations of upheaval and crisis to find clarity and orientation, to overcome blockages and to become the best version of themselves in accordance with their values ​​and strengths for more than 20 years. I offer coaching and psychotherapy in German, French and English.

If you …

  • are in a situation of personal or professional upheaval, in which important decisions are to be made which cause fear and self-doubt,
  • feel unhappy, torn and exhausted and are close to a burn-out,
  • are stuck in a deadlocked situation, not knowing where to start to be happy and successful (again),
  • feel stress, depressionen and anxiety, and often put yourself under pressure,
  • have tried many things already to change your situation, but always get stuck at the same blockades,
  • are convinced that things can get changed if you set the right course with the help of an experienced specialist on your side,

… then I can help you with my psychological coaching program or with a development-oriented Short-term psychotherapy achieve real and sustainable changes and new clarity to become active again.

I'd like to invite you to learn more about me and my offers.

Let yourself be guided by a critical look and a healthy portion of gut feeling. If this brings you to me, I’ll be happy to learn more about you! Psychological Coaching and therapy take place in my private practice in Berlin-Mitte – or online through video calls.

More about me

What my clients say about me:

  • “I can recommend the program if you are stuck with stress and need methodology and external support. It is less focused on drilling deeply into causes from childhood and more on Doing in the present. It is very effective if you want to reflect in a protected atmosphere, deal with yourself and direct your thoughts into structured channels. It helped me a lot to identify the causes of problems in everyday life, to derive and implement measures. I recommend it to everyone and everyone! “
    – Lukas G., Political and Business Consultant
  • “Very good coaching. Mr. Stahl is an excellent motivator and provides feasable solution suggestions, taking into account ones own abilities and needs.”
    – Georg N.,Medical Specialist
  • “I have booked a coaching with a little more than 10 sessions with Mr. Stahl and I was and am really very satisfied. Due to his therapeutic background, he had a much more holistic view and a much wider media case than a coach without such experience. Because of his advice I was able to take an important step forward. I can absolutely recommend Mr. Stahl, especially when it comes to building new habits and realizing projects from the heart.”
    – Ann-Sophie W., Business Consultant
  • “I had a great coaching experience with Mr. Stahl. The investment was worth it and he has helped me a lot. I would recommend Mr. Stahl anytime!”
    – Felix W., Entrepreneur and Consultant
  • “My conversations with Mr. Stahl gave me a new look at established behavior patterns, they mixed up my perspectives and opened up new possibilities for action – and all of this in a very friendly atmosphere. I am grateful for that and can only recommend him!”
    – Henriette S., Personnel and organization developer
  • “With his calm, professional manner, Mr. Stahl helped me to successfully overcome a strong personal crisis. We had deep conversations in a pleasant environment in which I got a new perspective on myself and learned to realize that there is always a way to deal with issues, even if they are uncomfortable. Thank you again for this, Mr. Stahl!”
    – Thorsten V., Business Consultant
  • “I am very satisfied with the coaching by Mr. Stahl. It was important to me to find a coach with a psychological background and not a “business coach”, for I wanted a more holistic picture of my living conditions to plan further private and professional steps. Thank you, Mr. Stahl, for the competent support!”
    – Marcel E., Assistant to the CEO
  • “Mr. Stahl helped me move forward with adjustment, finesse and humor. Working together, I’ve been able to develop a number of powerful tools that now help me develop more calmly. I am very grateful that now I can see my direction more clearly. Thanks again!”
    – Julien H., Sales Manager
  • “Mr. Stahl accompanied me in a life counseling process with great mastery, intelligence and skill. The very interactive coaching sessions gave me a much better understanding of my deepest aspirations. They also made it possible for me to realize part of my potential through specific projects.”
    – Dimitri P., Manager
  • “I am grateful for the ability to learn and be inspired by an experienced, thought-provoking, and compassionate coach. I would recommend working with Mr. Stahl to anyone who is looking for more clarity, guidance and support on their life path.”
    – Nadav M., Consultant & Coach

What I can do for you:

We live in a time which is characterized by upheaval and calls on us to find sustainable answers. The ability to not only withstand crises, shocks and trauma, as the resilient does, but to grow with them has become a core skill of these days. Anyone who has learned to deal with the unknown and to tackle things responsibly is equipped for anything.

If you currently are in a personal or professional upheaval or crisis situation, I can help you with my psychological coaching program or with development-oriented short-term psychotherapy to regain access to your inner sources of strength, to grow with current challenges and to become active again.

Psychological Coaching

Psychological Coaching

Find clarity and orientation in professional and personal upheaval situations and become the best version of yourself.

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Short-term psychotherapy

Short-term therapy

Overcome fears, depression and psychosomatic symptoms and regain your balance.

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