• Do you want to shape your life in harmony with your values​​ and your passion and see the obstacles on the way as an opportunity?
  • Are you more interested in finding solutions than in constantly analyzing problems?
  • Do you believe that sustainable change and development-oriented overcoming of crises is possible?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

I am a qualified psychologist, licensed psychological psychotherapist, personnel and organizational developer, behavior therapist, coach and supervisor – certified by the Professional Association of German Psychologists. I have been working as a coach and psychotherapist for more than 20 years and now work with my clients in my private psychological practice in Berlin-Mitte. I am happy to advise you via video call, throughout Germany and Europe. Consultation can take place in German, English or French.

In more than 15,000 therapy and coaching hours, I have supported my clients in growing through their obstacles, so that even the greatest crises could be overcome profitably.

A major concern of my work is to enable my clients to find concrete solutions to overcome blocking behaviors. When they learn to pause and respond flexibly to the demands of life, a great development process begins.

It gives me great pleasure to observe how my clients develop a very personal path for themselves, find the courage to surpass themselves and surrender to their ideal.

It makes me especially happy when I hear from my clients that they could find new clarity for themselves, when I see the relaxation on their faces and feel the optimism that results from the fact that they are for have discovered a new meaning and the courage to tread this path.

Life Coaching Berlin Philipp Stahl

My Career

In addition to my psychology studies and my psychotherapy training, I can look back on a history of training and further education. I have completed training as a personnel and organizational developer, training as a behavior therapist, group therapist and various courses in hypnotherapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, schema therapy and relaxation methods.

I have worked for several years as an organizational developer, trainer and consultant, and have accompanied companies, associations, executives, managers, board members, self-employed, employees, people in need, in search of meaning, in crises and situations of upheaval.

I gained the most valuable experiences as a psychotherapist and coach in direct work with my clients.

I also deal with topics of positive psychology and personality development in my private life, and have been practicing meditation and breathing exercises for many years. I am a family person and have a lively relationship with my wife and two wonderful daughters. As the oldest of four brothers, I grew up in a medical family and spent much of my childhood in Versaille near Paris. I have a French baccalaureate, speak French fluently and know life between two cultures.

My values ​​as a coach and therapist

I see it as part of my job as a coach and therapist in reminding others that they have an endless reservoir of resources and all the skills necessary to create a meaningful and valuable life for themselves. I firmly believe that everyone can be happy when they stop making themselves unhappy.

I love to work with clients who are ready for a change. People who may have already painfully experienced that the old is obsolete and who already have a vague idea of the new. People who are willing to look at themselves honestly and are brave enough to go through short-term pain to find long-term happiness.

Life Coaching Berlin Zertifikate

We live in a time in which many things are in a state of upheaval and which require new, sustainable answers.

Time and again I have received feedback from my clients that I am particularly good at helping people to find orientation for themselves and to overcome crises. This makes me especially happy because I myself have reached points in my life where I felt emptiness, disorientation and helplessness. Several times in my life I have developed new ways that have enabled me to master crises and grow with them.

Today I am in the middle of my life. I keep asking myself questions and increasingly stop making compromises that are not good for me. At the same time I look to the future more optimistically than seldom before because I have developed a firm trust in my ability to survive difficult phases and at the same time am firmly motivated by my mission.

My most important resource is pausing in the moment, resting in the here and now.

For me, crises represent opportunities. They are an invitation to pause, listen and understand.

My mother used to say to me: Philipp, as long as you feel yourself from head to toe, everything is fine! He who feels himself feels good. She was right! When I perceive myself completely in the moment and at the same time feel the world and the people around me, everything becomes very calm. Time stands still. That’s what I perceive as luck.

My invitation to you

Are you ready for a change in your life and are you confident that everything can be changed if the course is set correctly? Then use the opportunity to have a personal conversation with me. Find a suitable date in the booking calendar, send me an e-mail or leave a message on my answering machine.

I look forward to meeting you!
Yours, Philipp Stahl

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