There are no business or career problems. There are only personal problems that are reflected in business or career.

Psychological coaching therefore combines business coaching, life coaching and career coaching. In psychological coaching we always take a holistic look at your life. At the request of companies and entrepreneurs, psychological coaching can also be carried out with a focus on work issues and declared as business coaching.


  • Find clarity and orientation in situations of professional and personal upheaval and use crises as opportunities for development.
  • Get involved in action, anchor good habits sustainably in your life and become the best version of yourself.

Developed in 15,000 hours of direct consulting work.

I have developed my psychological coaching program in more than 15,000 hours of direct supervision and work with my clients, incorporating my experience and knowledge of the most effective methods from coaching and psychotherapy.

Fast, effective and sustainable.

With my psychological coaching program I can help you to reorient yourself quickly and effectively and to get into action in a sustainable manner in accordance with your strengths and your most important values. In contrast to psychotherapy, this is not just about eliminating symptoms, but about developing your potential in harmony with your values. I have often been able to observe how real change processes were set in motion already during the coaching, from business start-ups to courageous job changes, the establishment of new valuable relationships and radical geographic changes.

New perspectives and new options for action.

Many of my clients have told me that the coaching program has given them a new look on established behavior patterns and has opened up new possibilities for action to them. Also, that the program enabled a holistic view of their living conditions, which they were able to include in planning their further private and professional path. Many have said that the program gave them a range of powerful tools that helped them to develop in a more relaxed fashion. And that thanks to the program they were able to identify their direction of life much more clearly.

Psychological Coaching Berlin Philipp Stahl

With my psychological coaching program, you make a conscious decision to make lasting changes in your life.

In a total of ten intensive modules, you will set the course for your future in a time frame of around twelve weeks. With my help and working independently with the tools I will give you, you can redesign your life according to your wishes.

As a participant in my psychological coaching program, you will have access to an exclusive network that will support you in your development process with all available means.

The prerequisite for a successful coaching is real commitment. In fact, clients who have given the coaching program three months priority in their life have achieved the best and most successful results for themselves.

In a personal preliminary talk we will clarify whether my psychological coaching program is the right thing for you. Should psychological and psychosomatic symptoms such as anxiety and depression severely limit your current ability to cope with life, I can offer you psychotherapeutic sessions in my private practice in Berlin-Mitte or online via video call as preparation for the coaching.

The 10 modules of my psychological coaching program

My psychological coaching program essentially consists of 10 modules that are built on one another, but which are individually adapted to your needs after an initial meeting. Thus, your individuality will fully develop during the coaching and you will be able to find your own personal answers and solutions.

Module 1
From surviving to living

In the first module of my psychological coaching program, you will learn why it is of fundamental importance to regularly leave your comfort zone. I encourage you to question the familiar and give you space to enjoy the great feeling of curiosity. We will deal with what you perceive as your meaning in life and look at your current situation. In concrete exercises and interventions, you boldly grapple with your values ​​and heart’s desires and get into action.

Module 2
Develop my version 3.0

In the second module of my psychological coaching program I will guide you – with many tried and tested tools – to design your image of your ideal future. Using techniques derived from hypnotherapy, I help your transfer your visions of the future into the here and now and encourage you to trust your feeling mind. At the end of this module you will feel the willingness to get involved in your vision.

Module 3:
Activate Resources

This is where we go straight into implementation, already. Here you can gain concrete positive experiences and start your own heart project. You will learn to overcome your problem focus, gain clarity about your resources, discover easy patches and learn to follow their fear of lust. A thoroughly well-planned way of thinking will support you to get straight into action, according to the motto: “Doing is like wanting, just more extreme.”

Module 4:
Establish good habits

Your health and your body are your most valuable asset. When you develop good habits that strengthen your body, you create the basis for powerful and decisive action. You develop a morning routine, learn powerful breathing exercises and use relaxation exercises that I have developed. You discover and establish empowering habits and increasingly become the best version of yourself.

Module 5:
Goals and a plan of action

You have already discovered how you want to be in an ideal case; what you ideally want to experience and what you ideally want to do. In the fifth module of the coaching program, you develop specific goals and your specific action plan, which brings you closer to your own version 3.0. You get to know valuable methods that help you to align your focus more clearly, stay on the ball and concentrate on the essentials.

Module 6:
Understand what has become

Self-awareness is the first step in self-transformation. You understand your identity based on what you have become. In the sixth module of the coaching program, we address your limiting beliefs and your old identity that keeps you from being the person you really want to be. You will understand your identity as a construct that can be exchanged like a suit that is too tight. You learn to let go of the ideas of how you should be or how you shouldn’t be and discard them through loving acceptance.

Module 7:
Identify automatisms

In the seventh module you learn to develop psychological flexibility. Instead of automatically switching to survival mode again and again, you will learn to actually live. We dedicate ourselves to your different aspects and you will learn to control your inner experience. You will recognize your trigger points and understand why you habitually behave the way you do in certain situations. You will understand that you have come up with many very effective solutions to avoiding pain, but that they will not help you become who you really want to be in your heart.

Module 8:
Make motivation your goal

Through mental training, you create the right mindset to stay on your path in the long term. You use the power of imagination and visualization to realize your goals and to fulfill your wishes. You will learn effective and scientifically sound methods to effortlessly create the life you want.

Module 9:
Dealing with obstacles

You may have heard of resilience. In the penultimate module of my psychological coaching program, you will get to know an even more important skill than resilience: anti-fragility. This is the ability not only to withstand adverse conditions, but also to grow from them, like the hydra from Greek mythology, which grows two new heads whenever one head is cut off. You will learn to apply the basic principle of human evolution concretely in your life.

Module 10:
Anchoring results

In the last module of my psychological coaching program, we will anchor your newly learned skills and knowledge in your life. You have learned to endure insecurities and to master painful experiences independently. Now you will use your new skills to grow and learn continuously throughout your life. From now on, whenever you get to a rough patch in your life, you can always realign yourself and get back on your course.

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