There are times in life when your personal orientation is lost. What seemed so clear a short time ago suddenly appears blurry. Negative thoughts and a feeling of being burned out make it difficult to cope with private and professional tasks. Sometimes a clear trigger for your depression, your burnout or your fears can be seen. Sometimes, though, they seem to appear out of the blue.

In such times of existential uncertainty and doubt, you can often no longer rely on your personal coping resources to restore your inner balance. Family, friends and colleagues too might be overwhelmed and appear helpless. When the difficulties have solidified, it takes more than consolation and advice to regain access to one’s own sources of strength. The helping hand of a professionally trained therapist can be an effective support here.

My approach: development-oriented short-term psychotherapy

I offer you psychotherapeutic help in the form of development-oriented short-term psychotherapy in my psychological practice in Berlin-Mitte – or online via video call. Consultation can take place in German, French or English.

Based on my 20 years of experience as a psychotherapist and many years of training in behavior therapy, hypnotherapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, schema therapy and relaxation methods, I have developed a sustainable and cross-method therapeutic approach.

It is my goal to help you to regain your balance quickly, effectively and sustainably – and to find new solutions for yourself. The focus of development-oriented short-term psychotherapy is on coping with your psychological and physical symptoms that are currently slowing you down.

As part of the treatment and with my therapeutic support you can try out new solutions in dealing with yourself and others, and anchor them as behavioral and action patterns. Problems and crises are not perceived as deficits, but as natural challenges in the context of a development process. You will be able to work out solutions and new ways to understand your symptoms and successfully overcome them.

My therapeutic approach has proven to be particularly successful with problems such as burnout, depression and anxiety. It is based on the latest findings in psychotherapy research.

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Procedure and Costs

During our first contact call or e-mail we make an appointment for an initial consultation in my practice in Berlin Mitte. The consultation can also take place by video call if this is more convenient for you. We get to know each other and discuss your change requests.

The costs for a psychotherapy in my private practice can be covered in whole or in part by private health insurances and the subsidy offices. However, they do not usually get covered by statutory health insurance.

The usual duration of a development-oriented short-term psychotherapy is between 10 and 15 hours.

A short-term psychotherapy can also form the basis for a psychological coaching program. This is particularly recommended if you want to work on topics that are emotionally stressful for you before the coaching. The scope of development-oriented short-term psychotherapy as preparation for a psychological coaching should be discussed individually. In my experience, this rarely takes more than 5 to 10 sessions.

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